Attractions in Aurangabad

Naukhanda palace

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This was built by Malik Ambar in 1616 upon the summit of a rising ground at Aurangabad. The massive portal gateway leading to this, over which the Naubatkhane sounded, was called Barkal. The palace had nine apartments. The interior buildings consisted of five zananas, a Divan i Aam, a Divan i Khas, a masjid and a kacheri, each provided with a garden and a cistern.

Himayat Bagh Aurangabad

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This is a 17th-century garden that now houses the Fruit Research Station & Nursery, which is a part of the Marathwada Agricultural University. It is located near Delhi Gate in the Rauza Bagh area of Aurangabad. It is a sprawling complex spread over 300 acres (1.2 km2), it is naturally green, and in the olden days it was known as the Mughal garden.

Gates in Aurangabad

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One of the things that make Aurangabad stand out from the several other medieval cities in India are its 52 'gates', each of which have a local history, or had individuals linked with them. Not many people are aware that Aurangabad is also known as the 'City of Gates'

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