Attractions in Beed


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Biryani is available in all round the world but the kind of Biryani available in Beed has no match, that really tastes unique in the world.

Kankaleshwar Temple

It is maybe the most seasoned and the most lovely working in the town. History specialists don't know about the development time of this sanctuary. The building style proposes that it may have been built amid Yadava period, most presumably amid the rule of Singhana, who additionally established Devagiri (Daulatabad). The plan of this sanctuary has some nearby similitudes to the sanctuaries at the well known caverns of Ellora. A reasonable is held in the grounds of sanctuary amid Mahashivratri.

Shahinshah Wali tomb

Shahinshah Wali was a Sufi of fourteenth century. He came to Beed amid the control of Muhammad Tughluq. His tomb and encompassing regions were worked in various periods from 1385– 1840. The points of interest can be found ever of. It is arranged on the eastern rises. Every year a Urs (reasonable) is held here on second day of Rabi' Al-Awwal, third month of Islamic date-book.

Khandoba Temple

It is arranged on the eastern slopes. Towers have cut figures of people and creatures, now the vast majority of them ruined. There are two stories about the development of this sanctuary. One says that it was worked by Sultanji Nimbalkar a Jagirdar of Nizam time. Alternate says that it was worked by Mahadji Scindia. Tārīkh-e-Bīr (History of Beed) notices it with Nimbalkar.

Khazana Well

This noteworthy and renowned well is arranged around 6 km south of the town. It is said that the water level in this well stays unaltered even in dry seasons. Three streams of water begin from the well and inundate the place where there is Barg o Zār (signifying 'Leaves and Flowers', articulated in casual as Balguzār) around the town. Amid dry seasons region of the town take water from this well and supply it to a few sections of the town and encompassing towns. Salābat Khan likewise developed Kāranja (wellsprings) and a garden in the focal point of the town. Tower of Kāranja is as yet remaining amidst the town in a terrible condition.

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