Attractions in Latur


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Idli Chatni
Idli is available in all round the world but the kind of Idli Chatni available in Latur has no match.
Gupchup Pani Puri
Sharmaji's most famous Pani Puri is all famous in Latur. They have double kachori chat also famous. Ohhh my god, It has Oval shape Panipuri is never seen anywhere. they offer the big oval shape Pani Puri with potato and spicy pan, that really tastes unique in the world.

Ganj Golai

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Ganj Golai is a development situated in the core of Latur City, India. The well known 'Ganj Golai' being the focal place of the city. The town organizer Shri Faiyazuddin arranged the arrangement for the 'Ganj Golai'.


It is a town headquarter known for the Akkalkot Swami Samarth Maharaj Temple. This is the samadhi of the Guru of Swami Samarth of Akkalkot. The town has excellent sanctuary of the Renuka Devi Goddess of Mahur, Mahadeo, Datta and Balaji.
Ashtavinayak Temple
It is two kilometers from Latur. The present structure speaks to remarkable engineering and cutting.

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