Indian wedding

Posted By : rakesh mahajan  Posted Date : 2018:07:31

India is a popular country where many cultures, cast, religion people found. India has the oldest culture. People who live in India are of various casts, religion and traditions but still, they are connected with each other. All events are celebrated with enjoyment and peace. People in India are mostly focused on marriage events. Because marriage is very special for everyone ’s life its happened only once in life so everyone tries to catch these unforgettable moments. Indian marriages are famous in all over the country for enjoyment and how people celebrate marriages.

In Indian marriages, The bride and groom are adorned with the most precious jewels and attire. The expenditure, pomp and show make it an extravagant affair. Not only all the effort, expenditure and show, but also the environment at an Indian wedding is colourful, Pleasant and grand. It is the custom in an Indian wedding where all the relatives, friends and other people reach the bride's home with a band. In a procession, the groom rides a mare and dressed like a prince. In procession friends and relative dance in front of the groom. The bride's family welcome the procession on the gate with tilak and some traditional process when the procession and groom reach the bride's house. In the welcome treat, the bride's family gives a gift in the form of money with coconut. After the welcome treat, groom and bride are seated on chairs, on stage is slightly higher level than the floor. After the marriage people come to give well wishes and gifts to the bride and groom. This does not stop here this process continue for another two to three days. The first entry of the bride into the house of the groom after that reception, all are occasions to celebrate. In short, an Indian marriage is a rich bonanza, replete with rituals and ceremonies.

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