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Social media is influencing home décor trends, with pictures of overwhelmingly beautiful and tastefully curated rooms flooding our news feeds on a daily basis. We spend hours poring over the wonders that Instagram holds, only to wonder why our homes don’t look even remotely as chic. These inspiring, picture-perfect set-ups may seem hard to emulate, but what if we tell you that you too can have what we call an “insta-worthy” home. Instagram-worthy interiors are simple and very much achievable. If you want to spruce up your home in tune with the pictures you see on the gram, begin with one corner at a time. The smart use of a few key pieces can do the trick for you. Add flair to your home with statement pieces along with fun accessories and décor piecesWhen it comes to interiors, that Insta-worthy moment translates to artfully-chosen coffee tables and enviable furniture. place a set of vintage magazines and classic books to add inspiration and style. Make arrangements for your comfort beside the coffee table. Add a roomy leisure chair. Complement it with plush decorative cushions. You can add a dash of luxe and depth with little detailing in your space. Give your walls a distinct character. Decorative wall mirrors are a great way to add charm and elegance. They make spaces look bigger and brighter. Lastly, create a magical ambiance for your space with candleholders. Candleholders can serve as your table centerpiece, accent an end table or add soft lighting to a countertop. It will leave a pleasant and glowing impression in your pictures. Always think of your home as a blank canvas to tell your story. Design and decorate your space with items and elements that are unique to your personality. The world is your oyster and the design possibilities are endless. It’s all about mixing and matching, scale, balance, lines, texture, and color to create a cohesive and timeless space that reflects your style.

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