Rahul Gandhi Waited Months Before Now-Famous Hug In Parliament: Sources

Eshopmarkets    |   Politics   |   04-01-2019


Image source[www.google.com]

Rahul Gandhi's hug that stole the limelight in parliament last week wasn't an impromptu decision but a well-considered tactic. One, that had been coming for nearly three months and was executed after a long internal deliberation that stretched for weeks, if not months, sources told NDTV.

It was an idea set off by one of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's speeches that mocked the Congress president, mother Sonia Gandhi and the Gandhi family.

"It was about three or four months ago when Rahul Gandhi heard PM Modi speaking where he criticised the Gandhi family including his mother," a source close to the Congress president said.

And Mr Gandhi, 48, thought the best way to counter PM Modi was by the public display of affection.

It is a point that Mr Gandhi had been making right from last year when during the Gujarat assembly election campaign, for example, he would make the point that his political rivalry with PM Narendra Modi did not extend to hatred.

In one television interview, Mr Gandhi pointed to the many abuses that were hurled at his father and him by BJP leaders but claimed that he only felt love for his detractors. "There is zero anger or hatred in me (towards PM Modi)," he told Gujarati news channel GSTV in the middle of the election campaign.

But there had been no feedback to indicate if this message struck a chord with voters.

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