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Pune is one of the best educational hubs among the country with top educational hubs in India. There are a lot of Educational institutions available in Pune for a variety of courses. Known as 'Oxford of the East', Pune has truly lived up to its reputation of being the educational hub of the country. According to a report by an online, interactive, education website, of 2,571 students, 11 % voted for Pune as a preferred education destination, making it the third-most favoured city close behind the heels of Delhi (21%) and Bangalore (17%). The study was conducted to understand which cities were ranked highest by students, for under-graduation and post-graduation courses. Students hailing from varied educational backgrounds, including engineering, pure sciences, management, and law, were taken into consideration to compile the list of cities.
Home to some of the oldest and elite institutions, Pune has always attracted students from not just India but from around the world. MD Lawrence, principal of Marathwada Mitra Mandal's College of Commerce (MMCC), says, "A sizeable chunk of the students, around 40 % of the total strength come from other states. The main reason for this is the quality of education that is provided in the city, which is very comprehensive." He added that maximum applicants were for courses like Bachelor in Business Administration (BBA) and Bachelor in Computer Applications (BSc Comp). Students, who took part in the survey, were asked to rate different facilities available in various cities on a scale of 1 to 5. While most students, who participated in the survey conducted by the website, rated ‘finding accommodation easily’ (3.88) as the most important aspect while selecting a city, having a ‘student-friendly environment’ (3.86) and ‘commercial or industrial presence’ in the city (3.67) were also important deciding factors. "Pune has all of the three things, especially a student-friendly environment, which is what draws most students to the city. The presence of a well-developed IT sector is an added advantage with so many multinational companies setting up their branches in the city," added Lawrence.
Although the survey revealed that most engineering students valued college reputation over the selection of a city, Bhakti Mehta, 19, a third year Bachelor of Computer Engineering student, hailing from Kolhapur says, "Pune has all the facilities of a metropolitan city along with numerous renowned institutions like the College of Engineering, Pune (CoEP) and Maharashtra Institute of Technology (MIT). So, it becomes an obvious choice for students coming from nearby towns like Sangli and Kolhapur."  Not just engineering students, Pune has been wooing students with a variety of new-age courses, which are steadily gaining popularity. Priya Panda, 24, from Kolkata, who is studying Masters in Media and Journalism (MJMC), says it was the curriculum offered by Pune University that drew her to the city. "Pune provides you with the right amount of exposure. It is not as expensive as cities like Delhi and Mumbai, and at the same time has a very student-friendly atmosphere.” Similarly, Prutha Deshmukh, 24, from Nagpur, adds, "I wanted to pursue Biotechnology and Pune had both, institutions offering good courses as well as enough of biotech-related companies and research labs. Almost all National Research Institutes are in the city, which makes it an understandable choice for many people like me."
Above study says that Pune has a lot of educational potential for a variety of students and a variety of educational courses. We have selected the listing of different types of educational courses, institutions, classes, tutors from Pune city to get the best choice among availability of educational resources.

Pune is attracting students for public service examination attraction because of the potential and quality study provided by training institutes like the Unique Academy, Bhagirath Academy for IAS and MPSC, UPSC lot of other classes for public sector examination will be fully crowded by students.
Banking sector examination tutors are available in Pune for quality education and students are responding with a very great number for each and every Banking examination class. The best reason behind that the career availability in banking is very good.
we have some educational training institutions and tutors listing with us which will help to take the right decision in the educational sector.

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