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For many decades Pune is always a great place for foodies. There are some special bakeries, restaurants,  and stores like Cafe Good, Vaishali, Luck, Dorabjee's or Chitales that have been favourites of many generations and still they are favourite.
When looking out for places to eat and dine with your family and friends, one doesn't focus on hogging food. There are restaurants which are not just serving good food but also have a great ambience and theme. Today, every restaurant in the city is serving decent food but what makes it stand apart is the theme that each restaurant follows. Pune is the city which gives birth to every new restaurant every second day also hosts a number of great themed based restaurants. From village themed to British, rainforest and what not, give these 11 themed restaurants in Pune a try which is doing a lot more than just offering great food.
Here’s some favourite list from the 1980s… Many (if not all) are still very popular today. Unfortunately, some have shut down.
The classic Pune favourite! Around since the 1960s. Famous for their South Indian and other snacks. Location: FC Road.
Vaishali’s sister restaurant. In addition to the popular Vaishali menu, they also serve a South Indian Thali and Rava Dosa. Location: FC Road.Sujata Mastani: Started in 1966, this popular ice cream parlour chain is known for its fruity mastanis or ice cream sundaes. A combination of ice cream, cold milk, fruit pulp, fresh and dry fruits, they are among Pune’s favourite desserts. There’s also a local story behind the ice cream name mastani—it is a reference to Peshwa Baji Rao I’s consort Mastani. The ice creams are made without eggs, spun in the French Pot style, in over 20 flavours such as mango, rose, saffron, and pistachio. Seasonal fruit specials such as custard apple, strawberries, and chikoo are equally sought after.
There are over 20 parlours in the city, but for a whiff of nostalgia, head to the flagship outlet in Sadashiv Peth.
Darshan: One of the first restaurants in Pune to introduce international fast food cuisine to Pune (started in the 1970s). Famous for a variety of dishes (Indian and Global Cuisine and Fruit Juices, Milkshakes). Location: Prabhat Road.
Marz-o-rin: The famous sandwich on M.G.Road. Located in an old historic building. Famous for a variety of sandwiches (must try – chicken sandwich), bakery items and shakes.
Pasteur Bakery: Famous for their cakes and pastries. Location: M.G. Road
Chitale Bandhu Mithai: The Puneri store which is famous for Mithai, Snacks and milk products. Locations: Laxmi Road, Deccan.
Supreme Pizza: One of the first places in Pune that offered Pizza (and have maintained that same consistent ‘Indian Pizza’ taste) since the early 1980s. Locations: J.M. Road, Prabhat Road
Santosh Bakery: Famous for Pattice, Cream-Rolls, and other bakery items. Location: ApteRoad.
Hindustan Bakery: Famous for Pattice. Location: Laxmi Road
New Sarovar: New Sarovar is a multi-cuisine lake view restaurant where good food, leisure amidst serenity is just a way of life.
A perfect break where you do not have to travel for more hours to enjoy beautiful nature, the New Sarovar is located just a little drive away from the main Pune city.
New Sarovar is in the adorn of a ship in water giving you the feel of a yacht into tranquillity with the wind in your hair and company of your loved ones by your side.
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